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Panic Anxiety Management Workshops

The Panic Anxiety Management Workshops we conduct are quality programs with the following significance

  • Award-winning Workshops (Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Award)
  • assessed by leading Australian Anxiety Disorder specialist Associate Professor Julian Hafner (see Research section for assessment)

This award winning Panic Anxiety Management Workshop is designed for people suffering from an Anxiety Disorder and for their partner/family member. The Workshop looks at how we give away our personal power to our Anxiety Disorder and teaches us how to Take Back the Power and reclaim our life! The Workshop teaches techniques for the management of panic and anxiety. These include

  • Panic Anxiety Agoraphobia An Understanding
  • Meditation : Why, When, Where & How
  • Working with out thinking : a management technique
  • Working through to Recovery : day to day stress and anxiety management
  • Self issues. Who am I ?

Frequently asked questions about the Workshops include:

Q. Do I have to talk about my own experience?
A. No, Bronwyn does most of the talking! Although we encourage people to ask questions, we discourage people from talking about their own experience during the Workshop as this can upset other people. You can talk to other people about your experience - and theirs - during the break if you wish to.


Q. Is it a support group?
A. No. It is an education/ management workshop.

Q. What if I get anxious or have a panic attack? What will everyone think?
A. Most people who come to the Workshop have an Anxiety Disorder and will know and understand exactly what you are feeling. You are free to move around at any time, to have a drink, go to the toilet or go outside for a break if you wish.

Q. Do I have to say or do anything? Will Bronwyn ask me anything?
A. No. You won't be asked to say or do anything at all. If you want to ask questions you can, but Bronwyn will not ask you anything directly.

 Do they work?

 Interested in the
"Taking Back the Power"
Panic Anxiety Management Workshop with Bronwyn Fox

You can attend these programs ... no matter where you live in the world ...
The Workshop is now on video ...
You can attend this award-winning Workshop from the comfort of your own home for the same price as attending the program ...
Let me see more

Yes! They do. An eighteen month evaluation study conducted by an independent psychiatrist for a pilot study for the Federal Government showed that the people attending the Workshop version of the Program:

85.1% found them 'Very Helpful'
11.9% found the 'Fairly Helpful'
2.7% found them 'Slightly Helpful'
0.4% found them 'Unhelpful'

The study also shows a significant reduction of symptoms at a three month follow up.

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Write to us at the following address.

Panic & Anxiety Hub
P.O. Box 516
Telephone / Fax : 0 8 8555 5012 (Aust residents)
Telephone / Fax: 61 8 8555 5012 (International )
or E-Mail us at: [email protected]
Aust Business No 22 867 246 782

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