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... 14 December 1998

 Special Interest

 *NEW*And so this is Christmas ...
Every year Christmas seems to come a little earlier. Most people are unaware that Xmas can be one of the worse times of the year for people with an Anxiety Disorder. This Newsletter item looks at strategies we can use to ease the anxiety and panic we may feel during the Xmas period.

 *NEW* The Road to Recovery
We have been on the Internet less than a year now. We have formed many firm friendships over that time. Someone who contacted us in this time has corresponded over a period of time. We first met this person when they were in the depths of an Anxiety Disorder with Agoraphobia. The flow of correspondence showed their journey to recovery. This is inspirational. This person has personally achieved so much and we are incredibly proud to call them a friend. Read on (Stories section).

*NEW* Resolution ... and what stands in it's way
There are powerful forces within us that stand in our way to moving from this place to the next. We wonder why we can't seem to move, to act, to start out on our path to recovery .. or whatever path we choose. Let's look at some of the reasons we falter when we first take the step towards our goal.

Interview with Chris Edwards - Recovery from Anxiety Disorders and panic attacks
Chris Edwards is a Clinical Psychologist (B.Psych M.Psych) who specialises in Anxiety Disorders. Learn the usage of ab machine for workout at home. He has undertaken research into various aspects of Anxiety Disorders and has just completed the GP training program. Jasmine interviewed Chris Edwards and the inteview appears in the Newsletter. Interview includes: An Explanation of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and how successful it is, The various theories of the cause of Anxiety Disorders, Guidelines for choice of an appropriate therapist for Anxiety Disorders,Guidelines for successful therapy, Options for people who live in rural areas, training of General Practitioners to diagnose and treat Anxiety Disorders.

St Johns wort - Nature's Miracle or Marketing Exercise
Over the past year or so we have been asked many questions about the herb Saint John's Wort. Many people have tried this as an alternative to conventional Antidepressants. Certainly, as alternative remedies are now actively being promoted in the media we need to assess and gather all the information we can to make an informed decision. We have reviewed a great deal of the published material on this herb and leave it to you to make a decision based on your own specific situation. (Newsletter Section)

The Line Between Anxiety and Depression
The diagnosis of depression and anxiety can run along similar lines. In this article, we will look at that the conundrum - where is the line drawn between depression and anxiety? (Article Section)

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