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Panic Anxiety Chatroom




Panic and Anxiety Chatrooms

We welcome you to the PAEMS Panic and Anxiety Chatrooms.
We hope you enjoy your time here.
You can stay in the chatrooms for as long as you want.

The chatroom is restricted to 20 users at a time.
If you can't get on the first chatline there will be the second room available.

Bookmark the site so you can come back on a regular basis.

When we will be on the Chat line 1

 Australian time

 USA time

12 noon (Adelaide time) Mondays & Fridays 10pm Eastern ST (Sunday & Thursday night)

12.30 pm Eastern ST

9pm Central ST

10.30 am Western Australia time

7pm Pacific ST

7.30pm (Adelaide time) Wednesday nights 5.30 am Eastern ST (Wednesday mornings)

8pm Eastern ST

4.30 am Central ST

6pm Western ST

2.30 am Pacific ST

 **The chatroom is open for everyone. We will be online at these times
to field questions, comments or just to say hi....


Unfortunately the chatroom is currently under renovation.

An alternate chatroom we would suggest is at the Panic/ Anxiety chatroom

Mining Company site at the following link: | Panic Anxiety Chatroom |


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